Generators for steam and gas turbines

Product Details

ABB is the global leader in large 4-pole synchronous generators for steam and gas turbines. The proven AMS product family covers the powers from 5 to 85 MVA. With a track record of over 50,000 MVA in large 4-pole generators supplied all over the world, ABB can deliver the optimum solution on time and within budget.

Tailor-made ABB generators utilize modular design meeting the specific customer needs with high performance and cost efficiency. They are built to the strictest manufacturing standards for reliable operation in different environments, including hazardous areas in corrosive offshore platforms, either in cold or tropical climates.

ABB can offer complete solutions that not only facilitate the monitoring, protection and control of the generator, but also the base frame design for the generator and gearbox including the gearbox installation. The generator control panel, which houses the state-of-the-art UNITROL 1020 AVR (automatic voltage regulator) for reliable excitation and synchronization, can easily be adapted to suit the individual requirements of each customer and the local grid code.

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