Railway traction generators

Product Details

ABB is a leading independent traction generator and motor supplier with IRIS certified production facilities. The solid rail application experience combined with extensive development resources allows ABB to design state-of-the-art generators, renowned for their reliability and energy efficiency, enabling customers to build modern ultralight locomotives for the demanding high-speed rail. ABB can equip the entire diesel-electric traction chain, with perfectly matching components to maximize complete system reliability.
ABB’s proven high performance WGX generator family covers the powers from 1 to more than 3 MW. These generators offer high efficiency ( over 96,9 % ) and reduced maintenance in a compact and flexible design. They are designed for high vibration resistance to meet the customized needs of modern low emission diesel-electric locomotives.
Close interaction with in-house traction converter and transformer departments together with our long term collaboration with engine manufacturers and locomotive builders allows ABB to design systems that meet the most stringent traction requirements.

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